Central Administrator is based only to the following technologies: PHP, Javascript and jQuery.

Minimum Requirements

  • Extension version: 1.0.3
  • Extension type: Component, Plugin
  • Extension technologies: PHP 5.4+, Javascript, jQuery
  • Compatible Joomla version: 3.1.5 or later
  • Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE10, IE9, Safari

HTTP and HTTPS websites

The operation of the component Central Administrator (Parent) is affected from the https protocol. If the component Central Administrator (Parent) is installed in a simple http protocol then there is no problem and it can scan http and https websites. But if the component Central Administrator (Parent) is installed in a https website then it is not possible to scan simple http websites.

So it is recommended to install the component Central Administrator (Parent) in a simple http website, unless all the child websites to be scanned are using https.

Limitations, Conflicts & Clarifications

  1. In order the 'Backup' feature in the Central Administrator component to be fully working, you need to install Akeeba Backup in the monitored website. Akeeba Backup is a free extension to backup, restore and transfer Joomla websites in a snap.
  2. The button "Stop Scan" in the Central Administrator component stops only the scanning for the websites that are selected to be scanned and their scanning has not started yet. The websites that are being scanned when the button is pressed, will continue till the scanning is completed.
  3. The 'DBSize' in the Central Administrator component shows the size in MB of the tables that belong to the current Joomla website only.
  4. If the Central Administrator component is used by more than one administrators, at the same time and for the same client websites, then possibly wrong results will be produced.
  5. The 'Screenshot' and 'Page & Mobile Speed' features of Central Administrator component will fail for client websites hosted in the same localhost.
  6. If the 'Extension Updates' displayed in Central Administrator component are more than those displayed in the Joomla administration of the client website then click to "Clear Cache" and "Find Updates" while being in the "Extensions: Update" page to see them all.
  7. The plugins that are disabled in the "Extensions: Update Sites" page of the client website will not be included in the available extension updates in Central Administrator component.
  8. If the automatic login to the administration area does not work (stops to the administrator's login page) then please try to temporary disable or add exception to security protection tools like SecurityCheck or AdminExile etc.
    Caution: Please use version 3.14 or newer for AdminExile.
  9. If the administration area is restricted using password protected directory then you can use the following URL in the field "Administrator's URL": http://username:/administrator/. Be carefull, the password must not contain the character @.

Features: Updates & Backup

The features a) Joomla upgrade, b) extensions upgrade and c) Joomla backup are not being accomplished remotely through the Central Administrator component. On the contrary, the administrator is redirected to the corresponding administration control panel for each monitored website in order to do the action. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Giving remote commands for actions like these does not make sure that they will be completed. Many problems can cancel the procedure. So it is better for the administrator to do the action through the actual control panel of Joomla.
  • Many times it is important to see the more details about the specific actions. For example when taking a backup it is good to check for older backups and most possibly delete some of them.
  • Managing a website with remote commands does not sound responsible for a good administrator.