VirtueMart Pop Product Slider v.1.1.6

Display your eshop products in a beautiful, easy, fast and handy way.

Joomla! 3.x Module

VM Pop Product Slider Sample


View your eshop products in show cases where each one contains a picture, title, description, and many effects. With this tool you can display the most important or all the products in the first page of your website. Visitors can see quickly and easily selected products from you as they enlarge and slide under his cursor.

This module takes advantage of the CSS3 styles like inner and outer shadow and rounded corners. Also the administrator of the site has many options in order to control and change the style of the module. He can change the fonts, backgrounds, shadows, rounded corners, dimensions, as well as the image dimensions in normal and enlarged state. Read more about the parameters of this module here.

Responsive behavior!

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The buttons below will redirect you to another website displaying demos of the extension.

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Subscription Instructions

In order to download the extension you have to subscribe to the above subscription. The subscription process requires from you:

  1. To create an account or to login using an existing one if you already have.
  2. To be redirected to PayPal for the payment.

After you return to this website from PayPal, you will be already logged in and you will receive an email with information about your subscription.

Being logged in with your account you will be able to download the extension a) through the page of the extension or in the 'Downloads' area or from your account by selecting 'My Downloads'.

As long as the subscription is active, you will be able to log in and download any possible updates of the extension from this website.

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In order to install the module in Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x do the following:

  1. Download VirtueMart Pop Product Slider.
  2. In the Joomla control panel select "Extensions" > "Extension Manager".
  3. In the Upload Package File section click Browse and locate the downloaded file.
  4. Then click Upload File & Install to upload the file and complete the installation.


In order to configure VirtueMart Pop Product Slider go to the Joomla control panel and select: Extensions > Module Manager. Locate VirtueMart Pop Product Slider in the list and click it. You can see the Parameters of the module as below:

Joomla Module Parameters


VirtueMart Pop Product Slider for Joomla has the following parameters:

  • Module Class Suffix: A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the Module. This allows for individual Module styling.
  • Module Width (px): The width in pixels of the module or 'auto' for responsive behavior.
  • Module Background Color: The background color of the module (e.g. #343434). Leave empty for transparent background.
  • Items: Show products or categories.
  • Product Selection Type: The way you are going to define the displayed products.
  • Categories: The categories whose products are going to be shown.
  • Specific Products IDs: The IDs of the products to be shown. Set to 0 to select all products.
  • Product Limit: The maximum number of products to show in the slider.
  • Featured Products Only: Show only the featured products.
  • Product Order: The order in which products are shown in the slider.
  • Show Category Selector: Show a dropdown list for filtering products per category.
  • Categories: The categories to be showed in the module.
  • Categories Order: The order in which categories are shown in the slider.
  • Item Background Color: Set the background color of the items (e.g. #191919).
  • Item Outer shadow: Drop shadow around the items.
  • Image Small Width (px): The small width in pixels of each image (when mouse is not over).
  • Image Small Height (px): The small height in pixels of each image (when mouse is not over).
  • Image Big Width (px): The big width in pixels of each image (when mouse is over).
  • Image Big Height (px): The big height in pixels of each image (when mouse is over).
  • Image Background Color: Set the background color behind the images of the items (e.g. #DFDFDF). Images need to have transparency.
  • Image Inner Shadow: Apply inner shadow to the images of the items. This shadow is visible only to images with transparency around them.
  • Rounded Corners (px): Set any number equal or bigger than 1 to apply rounded corners to the items and the images. Set to 0 for square corners. Default value is 15.
  • Show Item Title: Show the titles of the products or the categories.
  • Item Title Font Size: The font size of the titles (product name) below the images.
  • Item Title Font Color: The font color of the titles below the images (e.g. #343434). Leave empty for white color.
  • Show Short Description: Show the short descriptions of the products or the categories.
  • Link Target: The target where links will open.
  • Link Description: Links will show the product page or only the product image (big size).
  • Show Buttons: Show buttons to slide the items.
  • Buttons Style: The buttons style.
  • Auto Slide: Items slide automatically left and right when cursor is not above them.
  • Auto Slide Speed: The sliding speed when the items slide automatically.
  • Auto Slide Start Delay: The time in seconds to wait after the webpage is loaded and before the auto slide start.
  • Slide Speed: The items sliding speed. Slowest='1', Fastest='99'.
  • Initial Position: The position of the slider starting to show items. Left='0', Center='50', Right='100'.


The developer can set up the width and the height of the product images, in normal and zoomed state, according to his/her needs. Width and height in zoomed state must be equal or greater to the width and height in normal state respectively. In most cases the width and height in zoomed state must be proportionally increased to the dimensions in normal state, but it's not necessary.

Automatic Update

In order to be able to easily update the extension through the update system of Joomla, you need:

  • Your membership ID. This can be found in the email you received with the subscription information of this extension or in your profile in this website.
  • An active subscription of this extension. You can see your subscriptions in your profile as well.

Having the above fullfilled, do the following:

  1. Select "Extensions > Plugins".
  2. Locate in the list the line with name "Installer - VirtueMart Pop Product Slider" where the column 'Type' is equal to 'Installer' and click to it.
  3. Fill in your membership id in the parameters, enable the plugin and save.

Now you will be able to update the extension through the Joomla update system. But if you want, you can do it manually by downloading the latest version from this website.

Uninstall from Joomla

  1. Select "Extensions > Manage > Manage".
  2. Locate in the list the line with name "VirtueMart Pop Product Slider" where the column 'Type' is equal to 'Package'.
  3. Check the line and click "Uninstall". This will uninstall completely the extension.
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  • Extension version: 1.1.6
  • Extension type: Module
  • Extension technologies: PHP, Javascript, Mootools 1.2.4
  • Requires: VirtueMart. Compatible with all versions of VirtueMart (including 2.0.0)
  • Compatible Joomla version: 3.x.
  • Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE10, IE9, Safari
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  • 1.1.6:
    • Improvement of the product links in order to include the category in the url when the links don't open in modal window but in the same or new tab.
  • 1.1.5:
    • Option to limit number of products is added.
    • Warning messages are fixed.
  • 1.1.3:
    • Auto update support.
    • Update in the administration.
    • Fix for showing many times the same category when the category has more than one image.
  • 1.1.2:
    • Support for Joomla 3.x and secondary fixes.
  • 1.1.1:
    • Fix to the products selected using their ID and belong to none category.
  • 1.1.0:
    • Responsive behavior.
    • Improvements to the administration area.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Minor code changes to support the new database of a fresh VirtueMart installation.
    • Small improvement to the initial position of the products.
  • 1.0.4:
    • Support for many instances in the same page.
  • 1.0.3:
    • Code improvements.
    • Elimination of products repetition when they belong in many categories or have many images.
    • New version of MediaboxAdvanced (lightbox).
    • Improvements in administration panel.
  • 1.0.2:
    • Links on images can open product pages or product images.
    • User can filter products per category.
    • Buttons support as alternative way to slide the images.
  • 1.0.1:
    • Show or hide product titles.
  • 1.0.0:
    • First release of the VM Pop Product Slider module.
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